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Episode 1;


Below Deck S7 Ep. 1

Wow, can anyone believe we have been on the air this long and

yet here we are starting our 7 th season. Thanks to all the fans out there

that tune in week after week, without you guys there would be no Below

Deck. You have my undying gratitude, love everything about this

experience, well, almost everything. So, good looking new crew,

fabulous location, great yacht And we have super 1 st Charter guests,

Michael and Samantha and their group. They were just the best group to

start the season with. It seems like we have all the ingredients for a truly

spectacular season. So lets get started.

I can see right off that we probably didn’t order enough uniforms

because Thailand is really hot and we are going thru uniforms at a rapid

rate, the laundry will be working OT to keep up.

Lets get started with Kate. Two new girls that seem eager to

please, if not the most experienced. I like the way you sat them down

and gave them precise directions and instructions on exactly what you

expect out of them. I do sense a bit of tension between you and Kevin.

But it’s way too early to say that it will amount to anything at all at this

point. 1 st day, new crew, I didn’t see anything at all to be overly

concerned with. But it seems from the previews that we do have some

choppy waters ahead and I can’t wait to see what the catalyst is that

prompts some of this action coming up. And not all of it appears to be


Kevin, looks like your culinary skills are up to par. I do hope to see

some creativity though when you start plating. I’ve got a hunch that you

won’t disappoint at all. You keep a very clean and organized galley, I like

that a lot. I’m sorry that you were a bit under the weather but I think

you are handling it properly, and glad to see you using proper sanitation

procedures. Well done. I also noticed that you have a healthy

appreciation for sarcasm. While I do as well, with a new crew, 1 st day on

a new boat, maybe that should be saved for after you have gotten to

know everyone a wee bit better so as not to alienate the people you are

going to be working with for the next 9 charters. Just a thought. All in all

I thought you acquitted your self well for the first half. Can’t wait to see

the proposal dinner next week. We will see what happens.

Ashton, great to have you back on board. Looking forward to see

how you handle the new position you have. I know you stated that you

still want to have as much fun as you did before your promotion; I just

hope you temper that with good judgment. It comes with the territory of

management. Oh, and yeah, feeding your crew is probably a good idea.

Glad you caught that. Seems that you have the making of a proper crew

this season so lets see how this plays out. I did see some things in the

previews that did give me cause for concern. Oh and another red head in

your crew, I caught that double take when you first met Abby. Definitely

a deer in the headlight look on your face.

So I think its way too early in the season to get into the rest of the

deck crew one by one, but I do think that we really have a great core

group on which to build. I can’t wait to see how this develops after

watching the previews of what’s to come.

Courtney, I think you have way more potential than you let on, but

I do find your honesty about certain things funny in a good way. Lets see

how it goes. Simone, I think that you will do well. You seem to be

attentive and adaptive and show a willingness to get the job done,

regardless of what it is and both of you are very respectful and I

appreciate that.

So that about does it for the 1st blog of the season. Sorry it was so

brief but as you well know we are just getting started and there will be

plenty to go around. Especially if the previews are any indication of

what I didn’t see in real time which appears to be quite a bit. So until

next week, keep the wind at your back and calm seas underneath your

keel. Be safe out there.

Capt Lee

Episode 2;


Stay tuned to hear Captain Lee's thoughts on this Episode!

Episode 3;


Below Deck S7 Ep. 3 

Wow, sorry I missed Episode 2 but we were in NY doing WWHL with Andy and just wasn’t enough time. My apologies. So on to #3. Wow, I think this was one of our best ever. It had it all. Return guests that I just love and as usual we had some shit shows to make it interesting so let's get right into it. 

Ok lets get Brandy out of the way, because she is the 600 lb elephant in the room. Had no idea what she was doing, or why, but def wasn’t a good look for her. I felt bad and hope that things improve for her. As far as the other scene in the wheel house, the girls got a little carried away, but meant no harm I’m sure. I have experienced worse things that have made me uncomfortable and this was no big deal. Mary Anne laughed her butt off but usually does when something or someone makes me uncomfortable. She is the most secure person I know and why I love her to the moon and back.

Now on to the crew, Kevin. What is up with you. Kate can be your best ally or your worst enemy and you are choosing the latter. Why? You really should reign in your condescending attitude. You are not God’s gift to the culinary world, in spite of what you may think. Simone didn’t deserve the grief you gave her, she could have used some help, which you seem to be in short supply of. The “Vaganza" was def missing in the seafood extravaganza, but you got away with it and you thought you pulled off a miracle, when all you did was skate by barely. And why were you trying to call Kate in the middle of the boat tour to serve what should have waited. We serve at the pleasure of the guests, not the other way around. Take a good look in the mirror and take measure of where and who you really are. You have talent, but it doesn’t go well with a bad attitude. Kate is in charge of service, and you should follow her lead and she has her finger on the pulse of the guests and knows what they want and when they want it. The guest specifically wanted a 10:30 breakfast, just because they were up doesn’t mean they wanted to eat. Had you checked with your and I emphasize your chief stew, you would have known that. Do your job, and that doesn’t include trying to supervise the whole interior. I have high hopes for you. Just waiting to see it happen.

Kate, you seem to have things under control. I think you had a good week, and I appreciate the way you are coping with Kevin. Your crew is in order and know their duties which you have laid out for them and there is no doubt as to what you expect and I think they are performing well, which means you are doing your job well. I did appreciate the heads up about Brandy and we will see how that all works out, but am not optimistic. Really great creative table decor trying to bail out Kevin not having ordered seafood for the extravaganza. Unfortunate that he didn’t recognize that. I still have hope though. Great week for you and I loved the photo for Kev, well done.

Ashton, you are stepping into your new role nicely. A couple of missteps, but nothing that doesn’t fall under the category of “its yachting “. Your crew seems capable but the radio thing keeps biting you in the ass. Something that I’m trying to help you address, but I fear Abbi may end up being your Achilles heel. You are really paying attention and it shows. But we’re early on and I hope it keeps up. 

Tanner, you are just solid. What can I say, you do your job, do it well, and so far it's been ideal. Well mannered, doing what you're asked to do when you're asked to do it and helping whenever you can. Like trying to help in the galley when you saw that some help may have been needed. God forbid the chef would step in and do that, but you saw a need and tried to fill it. Good job, keep it up. It doesn’t go unnoticed. 

Brian, like Tanner, solid week. Not sure how things are going to work out with Court, but I do admire your tenacity. Hang in there and keep the good attitude going. Looks good on you. Solid team player and contributor.

Abbi, I really like you, but you really need to start paying attention to what’s happening around you. You seem really upset that your hair is an issue. All I see is that you are dropping the anchor and your beautiful locks get caught in the chain as it is paying out at hundreds of feet per minute and rips half of your hair out before you even know what has happened. You would never forget that pain, nor would you look as lovely as you do right now half bald. Just looking out for your health and to have you resent it I find offensive. There are a lot of moving parts on a mega yacht and long flowing beautiful hair will get you hurt which all I’m trying to prevent. Now moving on to the radio. Not that tough. Apologizing isn’t going to cut it. Your lack of having proper radio skills could get some one severely hurt or killed. We don’t get any redos out here so get it right. It's the most important thing that should be on your mind. What if you went overboard and someone was keying their mike and no one could tell me what was going on. How important would it be to you then. Just saying. You’re a good girl, and have skills, but on Megayachts we have to pay attention to details, because they matter. This isn’t Greece and it’s not a small sailboat, people’s lives are on the line here. You will get it I hope. 

Courtney, I think you have a much better work ethic and attitude than you let on and I like it. You had a stellar week, I thought your input with Kevin about the seafood extravaganza was spot on as was Kates. Great job, love your wit and humor and your interaction with the rest of the crew. They know exactly where you stand without being rude or uncaring, you get your point across. Keep it up and you will excel. Nicely done.

Simone, I thought you held up under unnecessary pressure that was applied by Kevin. He was out of line and you handled it well. You are performing your duties as I would expect from someone of your caliber. Laundry isn’t easy nor is it glamorous, but you are not complaining about it, you are just getting it done. Love what I’m seeing so far. Keep it up.

So sports fans that’s my take on this week. Had some glitches, but none of the end of the world type. We are half way thru this charter, and I think we have some real surprises in store for you next week. As always thank all of you so very much for tuning in and I will be live tweeting next week for sure so tune in for that and be safe out there. May the wind be at your back and calm seas beneath your keel. 

Capt Lee

Episode 4;


 Below Deck S7 Ep 4
Wow, what a charter this was. Seriously, it had it all and then some. We continue to have issues with Brandy, Kevin seems to have issues with all of the interior and thinks his budget is too tight when he has no budget. Couple that with an attitude towards the interior, Kate specifically and we have a recipe for some explosive behavior. But through it all we ended up with a really nice tip in spite of some basic mishaps that were all preventable. So, lets get right into it.
Kate, I’m starting with you. I thought you dealt with your staff in a very good fashion despite the chef trying his best to make it into a 3 ring circus instead of a galley. Nice of you to inform me of some of the goings on in the galley. I can’t fix things if I don’t know about them. You followed proper protocol. The interior are your responsibility and if chef has an issue with one of them, it is not his place to discipline or belittle them he should come to you, explain his problem his position, and perhaps a possible solution and let you deal with your staff. Doesn’t seem to have worked that way and you followed proper procedure. Thanks for that. You also dealt with the Brandy situation well, despite me taking one of your staff off line for a few hrs. to help me out. Good week overall.
Simone, you had a tough week that wasn’t of your making, but I thought you dealt with it well. I was glad to see Kate remove you from Kevin's sights despite the fact it meant going back to the laundry room. But, you took it well, didn’t bitch, just acted professionally and did your job. I like the fact that you keep plugging away at any task given, no whining, just doing your job and doing it well all while trying very hard to learn, and please. You had a good week as well. Keep up the good work.
Courtney, you rounded out a very good week for the interior I feel. I appreciate the subtle way you go about your tasks, without a lot of fuss, but at the end of the day your job is done, and done well. Good call to go to Kate when Brandy came up again and wanted to start drinking again. When in doubt, go to supervision and let them

 make the call, which you did. Solid move. Now best move of the night was you making the Mimosa with OJ and sparkling water. Very innovative and quick thinking. Being mindful with out being confrontational. Well done. I like what I see from the interior team so far. Nicely done. Oh and thanks for your patience and understanding when I was trying to do what I could for Brandy while waiting for the Medic to arrive. I know it was uncomfortable but you handled it well. Thanks.
Ashton, you didn’t have a stellar week, but you are still getting used to the fact that, intentional or not, your crew will toss you under the bus in a heartbeat. The incident with the davit, Abbi not keeping her hair up, despite you telling her numerous times. I do feel that you may be trying to much to be a friend instead of a mgr to your staff. The davit mistake was totally preventable, and I don’t even want to think of what Abby would look like if she were bent over the anchor chain as its peeling out and gets a hold of her hair. Severe injuries at the very best. I also think that when Abbi didn’t answer the bell, you should have been down there, knocking on her door and pull her weight like everyone else. I know neither you or the rest of the deck crew felt much like working in that heat, but you did, and she gets no preferential treatment, or at least she shouldn’t. If she had been your go to deck hand for a few years, and a stellar worker, then, yeah, she’s earned it. But not on second charter, and mistake after mistake and deliberately not following your instructions as given. You guys did a great job recovering from the tender being beached, but it certainly didn’t look easy. Had you had Abbi there, you would have been screwed. But to your credit you did not shy away from confronting the crew when mistakes were made, but now I feel you need to follow thru a bit more and go behind them and verify that they are indeed doing things the way you want them done. You recovered well, just need to focus a bit more on keeping everyone in line and working the way you want them to. Not a bad week, but you have much more in you than I’m seeing right now.
Tanner. I’m not sure what type of week you had. I think that maybe you may want to have getting “hammered “ as a goal at the charters end. Those nights don’t usually end well. Sorry you had to
bear the brunt of Brian’s fubar with the davit. That slide doesn’t come up so easily with out the davit. The only good thing of this was it was the last time for this charter and hopefully we can get it fixed before we go out again. Was happy to see you offer to give Simone a hand in the galley, was the right thing to do. In spite of the fact that Kevin would rather bitch than do the right thing, good move on your part. I do admire your tenacity in your pursuit of a date with Kate. Just a tip that may help, when wanting to date an older woman, you may not want to refer to her as an older woman before you make your move. Just saying. All in all, not a bad week, but not outstanding either, but I feel you are moving in the right direction. Also kudos for trying to help Abby with what seems to be an attitude problem. Good job on that.
Abbi I am going to stay on you about your hair until one of us gives in and I can promise you it will not be me. It is beautiful, would love to see you keep in and the rest of your good looks. No, the boat isn’t sinking because of your hair, but if it gets caught in the davit cable, anchor windlass, tender line you will not have your hair or good looks any longer and be lucky to just survive. You are also fortunate for me not to have witnessed your behavior coming back from your night out, or you not answering the bell in the am. Broke two of my basic rules on one night out. You were embarrassing yourself and the boat. Shooting yourself in the foot. Perhaps you may want to rethink a few decisions before you pull the trigger. Just some friendly advice before it gets out of hand and its close. So I hope you take this in the fashion that it is intended. Just trying to help. I hope next week will be better for you.
Brian, you didn’t have the best week, but you learned a lot I feel. I admired the way you didn’t shy away from shouldering the responsibility for the davit, but your first call should have been to Ashton. That being said way to step up and take it on the chin and not try to deflect or hide from it. You just owned it. Good quality to have. I also admire your work ethic. You guys partied hard but you, Tanner, and Ashton all answered the bell. Well done. I hope the next week is a better one for you, over all I believe that it will.
Well here we are Kevin. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. Tanner offered to help in the galley and you summarily dismiss him. You could have helped Simone, but choose not to and was actually making the situation worse by your actions. But a seafood extravaganza without any seafood. Were they pleased with your food, yes, but it was not what they wanted. Moving on, I asked you to just enlighten me on what happened in the galley with Simone and you make light of it, but that is not what I saw. Then you turn your back on me as if to say, this conversation is over. Did you make that decision on your own? Must have, because your Captain had no input in it. You keep purporting yourself as a culinary genius, but I’ve yet to see it. You didn’t even have enough food to feed all the guests on the night I attended dinner. Had they all attended much less me, what were you going to do? And why, because you ate it. Perhaps you need help with your provisions skills. And then you serve me the garnish. Less than impressive wouldn’t you think. You don’t have a budget, you can spend whatever you need to spend to make sure you have what you have to have, but just for whatever reason you don’t. You really need to step up to the plate and deliver. Right now I’m not impressed with the job you’re doing, as I have told you to your face. Which you didn’t bother to do when you referred to me as a C*^%. Oh and by the way, while you were standing behind me on the bridge, I was driving the boat, concentrating on what was in front of me not your lame apology that was coming from someplace behind me. If you want my respect, you have to get it the old fashioned way, you have to earn it. I do believe you have talent, I just haven’t seen it yet, and your attitude could use a little help as well. Arrogance and condescension doesn’t become you at all. I do hope things get better next week.
So there you have it peeps. It is going to be an interesting week next week I fear. It seems that I have a lot of work cut out for me in getting the crew to the point where they need to be. After all it does fall on me to get the ones who aren’t, to perform properly. So we will see what happens. Till next week, stay safe out there. Fair winds and calm seas.

Episode 5;



Below Deck S7 Episode 5

Well here we are at Episode 5 already and things are starting to heat up and I’m not talking about the weather in Thailand. Things are not running as smoothly in a couple of Departments as I would have hoped. These girls are a hoot though and seem to be having a great time which is the bottom line. No pun intended Ashton. So lets get it on.

I’m going to start with Tanner this week. Boy buddy are you having a rough go of it. Stomach issues, but to your credit you are not slacking off at all. Proud of your attitude and your tenacity in sticking with it even though we all can see that you’re hurting. Way to suck it up.

Moving on to Brian, I do believe that Ashton was justified in calling you out for spending way too much time in the galley sucking up to Courtney. Your job is the exterior of the boat, not mopping Kevin’s floor, or drying the dishes for Courtney. Now had you had everything on deck already done, I wouldn’t have an issue with it, but you didn’t and Ashton had to pick up your slack. When was the last time interior was out doing the wash downs or decks. They weren’t, because they concentrate on their duties first. I also think that your assessment of Abbi and Ashton was off the mark. Remember, she’s the one who didn’t answer the bell after your night out while you and the rest of the guys picked up her slack. If she can’t hang with the big dogs, she should keep her puppy ass on the porch. Whatever she doesn’t do, you guys have to. You are a good guy, and a hard worker, just focus a bit more and you will be fine. I also like your attitude, so work on those areas and you will be just great pal.

Abbi, I’m totally baffled. What did you possibly think was going to happen on this yacht. You don’t seem to have any concept of what work is. How do you get proposed to via text, say yes the same way, and then get on the phone and talk about divorce. I’m stunned. And from what I see, your complete tenure on this boat has been one long break, which is great work if you can find someone who is willing to pay you to do nothing but complain and not pay any attention to rules. If you don’t like rules, you should have left right after our 1st staff meeting. You won’t put your hair back, you won’t keep your radio on, you were a complete embarrassment to the boat and yourself on your night out and then, you dump on your crew mates by not answering the call after your night out. This I assure

you isn’t going to continue, and I had no clue that everyone was carrying you all this time. I really expected more from you. I’m disappointed to say the least. I would love to see you suck it up and be all that I feel you could be, but I’m not so sure that is going to happen.

We might as well finish out the deck crew while we’re on it. Ashton, being in management is a bit overrated isn’t it? You are learning that it’s really difficult to be a friend to your crew and a boss at the same time. I don’t think they mean to take advantage of you, but it always seems to happen. Brian, is a good example of that. He was upset because he got caught doing it and called out for it. You can be a friendly boss, but rarely does the situation occur that you can be friends and a good boss as well. Friends would put their job first, in order to make sure that you as their boss don’t look bad and to make sure you didn’t get called out. But you seem to be doing that for them. After a night out, and you didn’t roust Abbi’s butt out of the rack, because she drank too much and I think that was a mistake on your part. Everyone else answered the bell but her. I wouldn’t have waited for her to get up, I’d have woke her up and told her, time to pay your dues. Remember this is a self inflicted illness brought on herself so she could have what she thought was a good time. Those decisions come with a price, that you didn’t make her pay. Would you have let Brian slide the same way? And I can see that you are trying very hard and you are picking up the slack for a couple of people, one deserving, and the other not so much. Remember they look for you to lead them, and when you do that correctly, they will in turn respect you as well. That doesn’t mean they will always like what you are doing or the method by which you get results, but as a boss, results are what you will be judged by, not by how much your team wants to go the bar and drink with you. Now, way to take one for the team on the lap dance, but honestly, it looked like you may have enjoyed that more that you let on. Well done at any rate. I thought you telling the rest of the crew about your conversation with Brian was proper and I just hope they listen up and do the right thing by you. Looking forward to watching you grow and learn. Time will tell.

Well lets get Kevin out of the way. Kevin, you have to be the most parched person on the planet. Why would you say that there are people on the crew that want you to fail. If you fail we all fail. Trust me you are not all that and a bag of chips, you need to get over yourself. And while chatting with your sister, when you mentioned that I didn’t think much of your meal, why did you neglect to tell her that you didn’t even give me the whole

meal, left out the entree. So why in the world would I praise mediocrity. You have talent in you, the 10 course meal you put out proves that, so where is that performance on a regular basis? Am I’m just retaliating because you neglected to feed me and thats how I get back at you. Time to suck it up and put on your big boy pants and do what we both know you are capable of and do it consistently. I’d be more tolerant of your attitude if you backed it up with performance. Trust me I have no interest in seeing you fail at all. It makes us all look bad if you do. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do what we both know you can. Life will get a bunch easier on you if you do.

Moving on to the interior. Kate, I thought you had another good week this week. I was happy to see you relieve Simone out of the laundry after knowing well that too much time in there will make you bananas. Well done. Good job on the 10 course meal and you had the 2nd best line of the night when you said “You can take the boy out of the stripper, but not the stripper out of the boy”. Funny stuff. Your crew seems to be operating well, with little or no hiccups and thats a good thing. I was a little shocked at what I thought I saw during the previews but I’ll wait till next week to delve into that. Good week this week.

Courtney, best line of the week goes to you. Your eyes were rolling off the boat when you heard about the proposal. That was funny. You had a good week as well. Love the attitude, no flack, just do what you’re asked with out grief or complaints. Like when Kate said, Courtney, will you go down to laundry, and your reply was sure, no problem. Love that. I also like the high standard to which you hold yourself. I find that quality admirable. Good week as well.

Simone, to round out the week, well done. You acquitted yourself well this week. Stuck to the laundry and doing a fine job. Love the fact that you were excited to get a crack at service and the fact that you are eager to learn. Good qualities to have. You did have some deer in the headlights look when you had to go out the starboard door with that tray of drinks, but you nailed it. Good job, and great week. Keep it up.

Well thats how I saw this week play out. Deck crew needs some improvement, and interior is doing well, and Kevin I think is making progress. Not always easy to fit into a new program, especially one as demanding as ours. That being said we have people that are doing it so

we know it’s not impossible. Mistakes will be made, but how we handle the mistake, and the recovery from it will tell the tale. So until next time, thanks so much for tuning in and taking the time to read my blog. I do appreciate it all. So, fair winds and following seas to you all. Catch you guys next week.

Capt Lee.

Episode 6;



Below Deck S7 Ep 6 

Well here we are at episode 6 already. These girls on board are really a lot of fun and seem to be enjoying Thailand and all she has to offer. Things really get heated this week and we will be seeing the fallout from it for some time I fear. 

So lets get to it. Of course I’m going to start with Abbi. Lets get this straight. I like Abbi, and have nothing against her and wish her the very best life she can have. I do have a problem with her work ethic or lack there of. Of course no one wants to be stuck in a job they don’t like. But if you go thru life quitting everything you don’t like, you probably are not going to get too far. Everyone has to do some things that they would rather not do, but thats called life. Lets see, there wasn’t anything about this job that she liked except maybe tip day. She didn’t want to change uniforms, she didn’t want to put her hair up to prevent her from getting hurt. She didn’t want to use her radio, to possibly save someones life, she didn’t want to put out the toys for the guests, who by the way supply her tips. So yeah, I’m guilty of wanting someone who will do the job they signed on for. And does it upset me when they bail in the middle of the season, sure it does. I really don’t see where any of those requests were unreasonable or out of line. So Abbi, I’m glad to know that you got married, and that you are doing what you love to do and sincerely wish you the very best. Good luck to you in the future. Wishing you nothing but the best. Oh and incidentally we didn’t drop Abbi off in the middle of nowhere with her luggage. We dropped her off at our home port and made sure she got to the airport with a prepaid ticket home. We don’t just abandon people who leave, for whatever reason. Its our responsibility to see they get back home safely with their pay and their tips. Thats the right thing to do so thats the way we do it. 

Ashton, you had a good week, right up till the end. What in the world were you thinking? You busted your ass on this charter, catered to the guests wants and needs, picked up the slack when Tanner went down. Handled the Abbi thing the best possible way. What would then prompt you to have a couple of major lapses in judgement that way. I think you let your raging hormones get in the way of good thinking. I was watching you at the crew table with Courtney and you were having trouble just talking. Not a good look for someone in Mgmt. Some times some thoughts are best left inside your head instead of verbalizing them. This was one of those times I fear. You definitely embarrassed yourself and I really hope that you have learned from this experience, and we don’t have a repeat performance. 

Tanner, sorry you still were having stomach issues. But thanks for toughing it out. In spite of your illness you managed to have a pretty good week. Oh and good call on passing on the crew night out. From what I saw you didn’t miss much. Thanks for hanging in there in spite of the rough going. Well done. 

Brian, I thought that was a pretty smooth move deflecting Ashton’s attention to Kate and away from Courtney, but I’m not so sure that Kate appreciated it. You had a good week picking up the slack from a couple of different places. I know it wasn’t easy but you and Ashton pulled it off and I want you to know it didn’t go unnoticed, so thank you. Oh, and I’m not sure discussing age with Courtney is the path to take, especially when you guess high, just an observation. 

Kevin, thanks for the good meal. You stepped in a delivered. You did take a risk serving tongue, but it was very good. Presentation was there, flavor was there. It was the complete package that I’ve been waiting for. Well done. I mean it when I say that. I really hope it continues, because it would be a shame to waste that talent. Good week Mr Dobson. Also thanks for helping with the lines, way to be a team player.

Kate, your interior continues to do a great job. Socially there seems to be some speed bumps. You do get line of the night in reference to Ashton’s actions towards you. Receptacle for your insecurities and jealousy. Great line. I certainly didn’t see that one coming. Bet you didn’t either. At any rate I think you handled that well, and all in all had a great week. Very good job with the full moon party. The guests really enjoyed it. 

Courtney, I think you had another good week. You are handling the crude behavior with wit, class and dignity. I for one appreciate it. I have to ask you though, how do you manage to iron sitting down? Have never seen that, but if it works I’m all for it. I love the way you just quietly go about your given tasks without all the bitching and you just get it done. Good week as well. 

Simone, glad to see you got out of the laundry room and got to go to the beach as well. Good job this week and you are learning as you go, with a good attitude. So what I want to know is are you going to bust a move on Tanner or are you going to wait on him. Just curious. Anyhow, you also had a good week, your service skills seem to be on the upswing and thats good. Keep it up. 

Okay sports fans, thats about it for this week. But I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to the bartender at The Library, that kid had mad skills. He was impressive to me. So we have another in the books, but aren’t you just a wee bit curious as to who we get to replace Abbi? See y’all next week, until then, Fair winds and following seas. Be safe out there. Capt Lee